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Our tourism specialists completely organize your travel & stay, they help you to make the right choice in booking tickets, manage your accommodation that is of the highest standard at the lowest available price.



In addition to this main organizational role, we are also busy updating a detailed list of current events in Budapest during the patient's stay. With a wide range of entertainment options, the theaters, classical venues, cinemas, casinos and clubs of Budapest should satisfy even the most discerning visitor. As well as the many one-off events taking place, descriptions of long established events such as the Budapest Spring Festival, St. Stephen's Day, Hungarian Formula 1 Grand Prix and the annual program of the Palace of Arts Budapest are also included.

We recommend a number of bars, cafés and restaurants where you can enjoy the traditional Hungarian cuisine or just sit back with a drink or coffee and unwind. After all, no matter which opportunities for entertainment and recreation you choose to pursue during your stay, we shall give you the best – and worst – places to visit.

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