Pediatric dentistry


The pediatric dentistry specializes in dealing with childhood tooth and mouth diseases, with the healing of these and with prevention. The recognition of dental disorders and bite discrepancies is also the task of this service, so it has a very complex field of operation.


The child is never a miniaturized grownup so the course and handling of the diseases is different.


The knowledge of child psychology has an outstanding role in the handling, because a child lives through differently a dental treatment, he is more afraid, and he cannot control himself as a grownup.


In childhood are most frequent for different caries to develop, and for tooth injuries to happen because of accidents. We tried to establish a calm, friendly environment in our dentistry. Our patient colleague awaits her little patients.


Prevention has a huge role in childhood. The parents can start already in the early ages to teach their child in a playful way the proper dental care and later on the kindergarten helps the further hygienic development of the child. We suggest to bring your child from 2-3 years of age with you, so the child will get to know the new environment and so later on it will not mean a problem any more to show up at the dentistry.


Filling of primary tooth
40 GBP
Removal of primary tooth
40 GBP
Fissure sealing
50 GBP
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