Periodontal Treatments

Treatment of periodontal disease:



The periodontium, or gum is the sum of anatomical formulas which support the fixation of teeth.


In the background of gum diseases can stand genetic factors, general illness, but the most common cause is tartar and inflammation because of inadequate oral hygiene. The inflammation may affect only the tissues of the gum (gingivitis) - in this case the gum is red, swollen, painful and bleeding. In more advanced cases, when the rest of the gum is also affected (periodontitis), gum pockets may form, and because of loss of bone tissue the teeth may loosen.



In the therapy the dental hygienic treatment plays an important role as well as the thorough cleaning and disinfection of pockets (curettage + Corsodyl gel). In more severe cases different surgical interventions as well as splinting of loose teeth may become necessary. The gingival atrophy may be caused by inadequate teeth brushing technique too. The gum retreats, the neck of the teeth becomes free, and sensitivity may develop as a result. For the treatment conservative (special tooth pastes, solutions and cervical fillings) and surgical procedures are at the disposal for the dentists.


Curettage (deep cleaning) per quadrant
80 GBP
from 120 GBP
Occlusal splint made of transparent silicone
100 GBP
Dental Hygienic Treatment
60 GBP
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