Conservation Treatments
Root canal treatment, root filling, aesthetic, light-curing fillings

The extension of the lifetime of teeth as well as the restoration of the teeth has major importance to the health of the body, and, if later prosthetics are needed, the number and the condition of the available teeth also matters.





The aesthetic, so-called composite fillings are applicable at front teeth as well as at the territory of the molars (back teeth). Thanks to todays modern filling materials, beautiful aesthetic results can be achieved whether it is a small edge restoraion or a larger filling. Composite fillings are hardening to a special blue light, so they can be used immediately after completion.


A root canal treatment is a routine dental procedure in which the dentist removes the tooth pulp and then seals the root canals hermetically. Root canal treatment is most often needed in case of toothaches caused by advanced tooth caries or when a tooth is dead (it can be caused by accident, or the tooth can get hit). The discolored, root treated teeth can be restored by whitening or by aesthetic dental treatments (direct or indirect veneers, metal free crowns) perfectly.


In many cases the root of the tooth is healthy but the visible part, the crown is highly damaged. Under certain conditions in this case a pole can be placed in the root of the tooth for strenghtening it and by building up with filling material the tooth can be saved.




Dental Hygienic Treatment (per jaw)
60 GBP
Root canal treatment/canal
55 GBP
Tooth-coloured aesthetic filling (Tooth-coloured aesthetic filling)
50 GBP
Building of tooth stump with pole
120 GBP
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