Kiwa Dental, the dental and prosthetic private clinic regulates the terms of guarantee of treatments and tooth replacements according to the below written:


Please read through carefully, to what does and does not the guaranty apply to!


The validation of the guarantee has two basic criteria: the adequate oral hygiene, as well as the regular control examination done in our dentistry each year, and the documentation of this must be done by us.


Warranty period:


  • For the implants:  Nobel Biocare implants (material only): 6 years
  •                              Oraltronics/Pitt-Easy implants (material only): 4 years
  •                              DenTi System implants (material only): 4 years
  •                              Legacy implants (material only): 4 years
  • for tooth replacements fixed on implants: 4 years
  • cermet crown: 3 years
  • zirconia crown: 3 years
  • Inlay - onlay: 2 years
  • dental veneers: 2 years
  • for our fillings 1 year
  • complete removable tooth replacements (denture): 1 year
  • partial removable tooth replacements (denture): 1 year

Terms for enforcing of the warranty:


  • adherence the proper oral hygiene protocol recommended by us,
  • yearly panoramic X-ray and control examination,
  • carrying out the treatments we recommend during the control examinations within the deadline we suggest,
  • settlement of any outstanding debts.

Our qualified dental hygienists perform the professional dental hygiene treatment for everyone out of turn!


The warranty does not cover:

  • Alterations evolving because of harmful habits (teeth grinding at night, poor oral hygiene, smoking, consumption of alcohol and, or drugs, etc.).
  • No warranty can be enforced for root canal treatments!
  • No warranty can be enforced for temporary crowns, bridges and dentures!
  • Kiwa Dental and its dentists are not liable for any unsuspected but necessary root canal treatments. It may occur that the teeth, which are being prepared, suffer some kind of trauma during the treatments, and the root canal treatment becomes necessary.
  • Any intended damage.
  • Injuries from improper usage or arising from accident.
  • Treatments done by other dentist or dentistry.
  • Deterioration because of disease, which emerged in the time being, as well as
  • other diseases, which developed not related to the dental treatments, and have a negative effect on the state of the dental work (eg.: diabetes, epilepsy, osteoporosis, post-chemotherapy status).
  • Dental injuries resulting from accident while doing sport.
  • If the patient's jaw (or gums, or mucosa) starts to change, to retreat or to atrophy.
  • Problems because of psychic and mental illnesses.
  • In case of the patient's gain or loss in weight in a short time.
  • The patient does not appear on the yearly control.

Place of enforcing the warranty:

  • The guarantee claim can be announced solely after prior appointment agreement, personally at Kiwa Dental dentistry (1142 Budapest, Erzsébet királyné útja 97/b.)
  • The performance of the warranted interventions is also done solely here. The journey, that may arise, and all the costs of the journey must be assumed by the patient.
  • The dentistry of Kiwa Dental is not liable to assume the compensation of costs for treatments and replacements performed by another dental surgery, or dentist.


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