Dental Hygienic Treatment

The healthy and pretty teeth are partially inherited, but the careful and systematic oral care may improve a lot in case of lesser genetic conditions. However, in Hungary the yearly average consumption per person is one toothbrush - instead of the proposed four, and two tubes of toothpaste.







The professional oral hygiene treatment includes the removal of the tartar as well as the discolouration deposited on the tooth surface. The tartar is the calcified dental plaque on the surface of the teeth, which can not be removed by brushing. Its colour can vary from pale yellow to black, and can be located either under the gums, or above it, which is more noticeable for the patient.


The tartar means not only an aesthetic problem, it is main cause for periodontal diseases The unmoved tartar, which has been built up during the years, may lead to the decay of the supporting structure of the teeth and eventually slowly to teeth loss as well. During the dental hygienic treatment the dentist or a specially trained dental hygienist removes the calculus and polishes the tooth surfaces.





What we offer:

  • painless ultrasonic scaling

  • help to learn the correct tooth brushing and dental care techniques

  • dental care tools and products that you can also purchase on our clinic


Some advice and information, which can help you to develop the adequate oral hygienic habits:


  • We should teach our children from their early ages how to take care of their teeth properly by showing them playful examples and by giving them incentives.

  • Brushing teeth thoroughly twice a day is inevitable to keep teeth free from plaque. A few hours after brushing of the teeth the building-up of plaque stars again. First it can adhere to the small ridges of the teeth, to the interdental spaces and to the outlines of the gum. The plaque calcifies to tartar, after that begins the inflammation and deterioration of the gums and the formation of tooth decay.

  • Possibly the head of the toothbrush should be a small one, the end of the bristles should be blunted, the type should be soft or medium and it should have high bristle density.

  • We should choose a toothpaste which, besides the the cleaning effect, contains such substances, which protect from tooth decay, prevent inflammation of the gums, and hinder the formation of tartar. In case of small children please consult your dentist, which toothpaste to use.

  • In hard to reach places, in case of teeth with tight contacts, prosthesis and their surroundings you should use floss, interdental brush and oral irrigator.

  • Even if you dont have any symptoms you should visit your dentist every six months!


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Dental Hygienic Treatment (Plaque Removal & Polishing)
60 GBP
Professional, multifunctional electronic toothbrush
120 GBP
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