The prior consultations and the future personal examinations play very important roles in the relationship of the patient and the dentist. Without these diagnosis and correct plan for treatment cannot be set up.

ORAL EXAMINATION: when meeting with the patient for the first time, the recording of the accurate anamnesis (medical history, previous diseases) as well as the thorough oral examination are very important, these enable the setting up of the plan for treatment. As the first part of the examination the dentist looks at the face, checks the lymph nodes (extraoral examination), then examines the oral cavity. After the checkup of the teeth, follows the examination of the gums (gingiva), the oral mucosa (buccal cavity, lips), the palate, and the tongue, which importance we cannot emphasize enough, because the number of tumorous lesions in the mouth are steadily increasing nowadays also.


SMALL X-RAY: with the help of it a sole tooth or a group of teeth can be examined. The image can be used for searching for caries, for analysis of the processes around the tip of the root, and for control of root canal treatments.


PANORAMIC X-RAY: provides a comprehensive picture about all the teeth in the oral cavity, the condition of the jawbones (thickness of the bones), the sinus and the mandibular joint. It gives a big help for the dentist in setting up the plan for treatment.


Consultation, oral examination, developing of treatment plan
Panoramic X-ray
Small X-ray
Annual control examination (inc. panoramic X-ray & transfer)
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