The prior consultations and the future personal examinations play very important roles in the relationship of the patient and the dentist. Without these diagnosis and correct plan for treatment cannot be set up.

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Conservation Treatments

The extension of the lifetime of teeth as well as the restoration of the teeth has major importance to the health of the body, and, if later prosthetics are needed, the number and the condition of the available teeth also matters.



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Restorative Fixed Treatments

Demand for beautiful teeth is showing continuously increasing tendency nowadays also. The appearance of new materials and technologies makes it possible for the dentist to satisfy the highest aesthetic demands also.


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Oral Surgery

In case of an ambulant oral surgery the following treatments can occour (without being exhaustive): surgical extraction of a tooth, extraction of wisdom tooth, cyst- and polyp operations...


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Loosing our teeth for any reason may cause serious trauma. The fixed or removable partial dentures used to replace teeth are rather uncomfortable and aesthetically inadequate for many pepople. For them, a dental implant can be the solution.


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Metal Free Dentistry


According to their name, these tooth replacements do not contain metals! Two aspects must be highlighted:


- they can be used in any case of dental allergy!

- they comply with the highest aesthetic demands!


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Dental Hygienic Treatment

The healthy and pretty teeth are partially inherited, but the careful and systematic oral care may improve a lot in case of lesser genetic conditions. However, in Hungary the yearly average consumption per person is one toothbrush - instead of the proposed four, and two tubes of toothpaste.







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Pediatric dentistry


The pediatric dentistry specializes in dealing with childhood tooth and mouth diseases, with the healing of these and with prevention. The recognition of dental disorders and bite discrepancies is also the task of this service, so it has a very complex field of operation.


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Periodontal Treatments

Treatment of periodontal disease:



The periodontium, or gum is the sum of anatomical formulas which support the fixation of teeth.


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Demand for aesthetic, regular teeth is continuously growing, which implies the appearances of newer and newer appliances and technologies in the field of orthodontics.


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Teeth Whitening

The teeth-whitening is an aesthetic intervention, which is more often performed by the dentist in daily praxis nowadays. There are two basic forms known: at-home and at-the-clinic whitening.

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Tooth jewelry

The use of teeth jewelries, the decoration of teeth is not a new custom, we have knowledge about it from the ancient era: teeth decorated with gems were found in Egyptian tombs among other things, which were most likely prepared for aesthetic reasons and to show the wealthiness and the descent of the bearer and to make the appearance of someone unique.

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Dental laboratory

In todays dental practice the aesthetic needs and opportunities require and also make achievable the preparation of such restorations, that please the patients and give the feeling of succes of its makers as well.


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Restorative Removable Treatments

We call a replacement removable tooth replacement, when the replacement which is fixed in a detachable way to the remaining teeth and the basement of the mucosa at the bone, so it can be easily removed by the patient.

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Removable partial denture repairs


repair of broken removable partial dentures, prosthesis for extracted tooth, replacement of broken links, underlining,

replacement of fastener inserts in combined dentures



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