Tooth jewelry

The use of teeth jewelries, the decoration of teeth is not a new custom, we have knowledge about it from the ancient era: teeth decorated with gems were found in Egyptian tombs among other things, which were most likely prepared for aesthetic reasons and to show the wealthiness and the descent of the bearer and to make the appearance of someone unique.

Recently - mostly young people - have reinvented the decoration of teeth and have created new trend by wearing the most diverse varieties of tooth jewelry.


Originally the rap and hip-hop era brought forward once again these ornamenting habits. Nowadays so called Dazzlers made from very thin gold foil and a bit thicker tooth jewelry, which are called Twinkles are available. Further on small crystal gems with various colors, the so called Skyces give the long list of selectable tooth jewelry, and brilliants must be also added to this list.


Only the dentist may attach the tooth jewelry to the teeth, which is done with a special gluing technique. The glued tooth jewelry must completely fit to the tooth - it must not stand away, because then it can not be cleaned properly. A gluing once in a while does not hurt the tooth, but if the jewelry is often replaced, then the tooth may be damaged. The removal of the rap-caps mentioned before is not so easy by the way, especially not without damaging the tooth.


The tooth art is the newest trend, and only the imagination can set limits to what kind of pattern, creation will be placed on the teeth.


If you would like a tooth jewelry, ask for advice from our dentists!

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Placing of crystal tooth jewels (medical + material costs)
70 GBP
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