Teeth Whitening

The teeth-whitening is an aesthetic intervention, which is more often performed by the dentist in daily praxis nowadays. There are two basic forms known: at-home and at-the-clinic whitening.

At-home whitening:



The at-home-whitening requires a flexible silicone splint which is made by the dental technician on the basis of the dental impression taken by the dentist. The treatment is done by the patient at home as follows: the patient inserts the prescribed amount of dental material in the splint, and places it on the lower or upper teeth. The whitening can be done daytime or at night. To achieve the desired result, treatment should be continued for 7-10 days. With the help of the home whitening compared to the original tooth colour approx. 2-3 shades lighter colour can be achieved. The efficiency of the treatment is highly influenced by the patients dietary habits (eating food and beverages with a lot of coloring - coffee, tea, coke - the original colour will return sooner), oral hygiene, as well as the patients smoking habits. In case of congenital or contracted dental problems affecting the dental structure,wearing or sensibility of the dental neck and gingivitis, teeth whitening is contraindicated. Please note, that the colour of fillings and dental prosthesises can not be changed with any of the methods.





At-the-clinic whitening:



The at-the-clinic whitening requires strict dentist control because of the higher concentration of the applied whitening material. With the help of this kind of treatment 7-8 shades lighter teeth colour can be reached. The treatment takes approximately 1.5 hours long. After the preparation of the mouth the dentist applies the bleaching material on the teeth and illuminates it with a special lamp for 15 minutes. Then he repeats the process depending on what shade contrast is to be achieved. The contraindications to the at-the-clinic whitening are the same as to the at-home whitening.



At-Home Whitening
160 GBP + fogfehérítő anyag ára
At-the-dentist Teeth Whitening
350 GBP
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