Metal Free Dentistry


According to their name, these tooth replacements do not contain metals! Two aspects must be highlighted:


- they can be used in any case of dental allergy!

- they comply with the highest aesthetic demands!


Metal free tooth replacements:


According to their constructions these can be crowns without frame, solely from porcelain (so called jacket), or nowadays crowns designed with state of the art CAD_CAM technology. In this case the planning of the frameworks of the tooth replacements and the milling (molding) from one zirconium block is done and controlled with computer. The dental technician will construct the covering from porcelain (ceramic) on the finished framework with completely unique, crafting technique. Procera crown: the framework of the Procera crowns is made of zirconia or alumina, to match the colour of the covering porcelain. After polishing the tooth or teeth the dentist takes an imprint, the laboratory scans it and sends the information to Sweden. A computer controlled precision machine produces the framework of the tooth replacement based on the received parameters, and the dental technician in Hungary prepares the bodywork on to it. With the help of this procedure perfect aesthetic effect and high level of precision can be achieved.


zirconium crown ( metal free )
240 GBP
Porcelain veneer
170 GBP
Porcelain - composit in-lay/on-lay
170 GBP
Composit (in-lay, on-lay)
160 GBP
Full porcelain (jacket) crown
240 GBP
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