Oral Surgery

In case of an ambulant oral surgery the following treatments can occour (without being exhaustive): surgical extraction of a tooth, extraction of wisdom tooth, cyst- and polyp operations...



The indication of the surgical extraction of a tooth can be complex. In most cases the extraction of the lower wisdom teeth requires this kind of intervention, because these teeth often can be found in abnormal (slant or lying) position in the jaw. The eruption of the tooth from the gum can be complete or partial. In case of partial eruption, there is a shallow packet formed between the already ejected part and the tooth surface still covered by mucous membranes, which is difficult for the patient to clean. Due to the evolving inflammation, the mucous membrane around the tooth is swollen, red and extremely painful. If there is a chance for complete eruption of the tooth, after the elimination of the inflammation, the removal of excess mucous membrane parts is needed. In most cases, the reason for the eruption difficulties of the third molars is lack of space. Stunted wisdom tooth in abnormal position can cause congestion in the dental arch, which greatly favors the formation of dental caries and gingivitis. In such cases the surgical exraction of the third molar is recommended. After the anesthesia, the surgeon dentist makes a small incision, clears off the bone surrounding the tooth, eliminates that with special tools and closes the wound with suture. Surgical extraction is required in case of canines in retention as well.


ROOT APEX RESECTION: a kind of surgical procedure, which goal is to retain the tooth and to provide its limited functionality. The main point of the operation is: after having the root canal filled, a part of the root apex will be eliminated. The range of indication for this kind of intervention is wide, but it becomes necessary mainly in connection with cyst operations at front teeth. Because of its difficult technical implementation this surgical procedure is rarely performed at back teeth.


CYST OPERATIONS: in the oral cavity we can find diverse cysts with various appearance. In daily practice the most common type is a cyst formed on the root apex, which is called periapical cyst. Always evolving by inflammation. The solution for that is mainly surgical removal.




Root resection
100 GBP
Removal of dental cyst
100 GBP
Tooth extraction
30 GBP
Tooth extraction (surgical)
60 GBP
Wisdom tooth extraction (surgical)
100 GBP
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